From the Deep Ocean

From the deep oceans to the valleys beyond
Everything stinks with our sinful errands
Deep from within, the heart prolongs
Over others' mistake though it’s weaker than all

Sweet words spoken stings their prey
As the mask falls apart revealing evil fangs
Nation stands together for song they sang
Only to fall apart, in evening’s pray

A fight over food, another over land
A fight over principles and finally blood
All that they stood for, all those now dead
It’s not what you want, for it’s not grand

Fight is life you say but was it the emblem
That our nation held onto, to shake away the shackle?
The piece you hold onto is wrong way to tackle
The unity we stood by, will bring you happy realm

We differ in all ways, we differ in colours
But this difference is the reason to be connected
Mark it in your head, with a remindful thud
When colours come together, it’s rainbow for others!

The weakness and strength have never been foes
Look at paintings beauty, if you have doubt
The weak strokes of brushes bring life out
While the strong strokes bind them afree of rows

With colours diverged, life can be fine
But without unity, those colours look forlorn
Bring out inside’s artist, beyond world’s thorn
Bring colours together, become the greatest sunshine

Set aside the boundaries of nature and humans
Spread out your arms, like eagle’s wings
Set world afire with love, burn inner demons
Form the human chain, start the peaceful links!

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