The Clouds

I saw a cloud
Looking like a cart.
It had two smart
Deer without head
Ridden by a red
Hand of a beast
Who was so tough and cruel
And preparing for a feast.
He ate up a Rusk
And his head went apart
Which changed into a mask
With curling hair and heart.
What happened to the cart?
That had broken apart.

Hey, Clouds! You are the strong
Hiding the great sun.
Oh, No! What are you doing?
Striking the earth,
By giving the birth
To frightening lightning and thunder
That time I thought, “How cruel you are!”
The imitation of the devil.

I don’t know why
He began to cry
Oh, what a wonder!
Closing the beast’s file,
Making us to smile.
Oh, you are an angel at all!
Oh, you are dying for all!
You are a great creation over all.
Thank you god for these all.

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