The Most Joyous Beauty of Night

The fishes are playing in the great sea.
The great mountains look ahead to see
The rays of sun bidding them good-bye
Behind the beautiful painting of clouds
Saying them forget me not forever.
Does the sun hide behind the hills
Or just the hills climb up to show
The most joyous beauty of night?

The glowing orb behind the clouds and hills
Wishes us happy night with all its will.
The twinkling stars bloom at the sky,
The spa of moon show up with shy,
The joyful jasmine solves out their ties,
The young sparrows bare their eyes,
And the maple trees wave to invite
The most joyous beauty of night.

The blanket of night covers the sun’s bright
With gaps for the pumping star and moon light.
The night bird swoops down for prey,
And barn mice shelter under the hay.
Here is a world completely absent of piffle
And no one could have a want to niggle
The highest peak of all your delights
The most joyous beauty of night.

The chill breeze touches you as a feather
And you could feel more than the weather.
The moon light will bath you so pure
And the mind will get the greatest cure.
Feeling you feet wet with the lawn,
You can’t kip before the let of dawn.
Forget not this in all your heights
The most joyous beauty of Night…

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