The Quest of Peace

“Oh, God!”, I cried.
“Bestow me some peace; some peace”.
The mercy showed up in light; bright.
“My son…”, said the voice of heavens.
“My son… What do you need?”
He sought my worries which he knew.
“What troubles you so much;
The murmur of the mighty river
Or the jabber of the tallest trees?”
He sought my worries which he knew.

“No, my father”, I replied.
“They never crossed the rim of ease.
Please bestow me some peace… please”.
The maker smiled at this fleshy device;
His fleshy device.
“Nothing I created had ever done before;
Never to bother others. Therefore,
My boy…” he called. “Say me your misery”.
“You saved one at your claim”, I told.
“My lord you made us, the wisest flesh”.

“The grief began when Eve heard the snake
Peace died again when Cain wiped out Abel
Fear gripped man when he found out the fire.
Soon, man gripped fire; the destruction began.
Chased the mighty mother to mortal days
And thus he made the path to end.
When he realized the sphere of the world
He instilled the fear into less witted souls.
He drove those live into deep forests
And vanished the woodlands”, I sobbed.

“Go on my child”, the almighty smiled.
“I will hear your grieves”.
“My forefather of flesh and bones
Pushed down your tallest trees.
My father of flesh and bones
Built houses of these timber and earth.
Now living in this grave of nature,
I beg you, peace… peace…
My heart moans in dark, alone.
Show some light, Oh God!” I cried.

“My child”, the supreme, at last, began.
“You beg me, peace… peace…
But, never can you get it at ease.
Wipe out your forefather’s misdeed
At the growth of few more trees.
Clear away all your father’s sins
At the shelter of few more wilds.
This will firmly bear the fruit of peace.
To blow your last air in ease,
Start it- The quest of peace”.

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