Battle is fought and we have won
I lie down now in my pool of blood
The gentle breeze blows and this victory
For you, mom, this breeze of love…

The times are flying without wings, and ducks cannot fly even with wings. I remember these lines as my childish poems. But these got meanings as deep as ocean. Having a difficulty on choosing which one to write, ‘Winner’ or ‘Mother’, my mind said “You are not a winner”. That time Mother said, “You are not a loser”. So, if I write, I should write only about you mom. Because she mom is the one who lead the way a feather of love and love and love, my first and best teacher.

Good Morning

She never knew more than the basics but she never stopped from teaching for that reason. She taught me “Johnny” and “twinkling little star”. But this is just the lessons of schoolings and vocabularies. Her real teachings are not bound to the normal teacher. Don’t think this is just about my mother. If you ask the millions of hearts that beat and yourself, you may say, “yes, she taught me who I am and more than that something that cannot be brought in words”. When we were born we would have found the world a tough place to live in until we saw our mother, the gentle angel with the smile of God. Yes, she is here and I will be here. The beautiful moments with mom are not in a blue moon day. But they are as simple and common as this moment but they are unique as you are.

The Teacher

Till now, it may not look like I have not moved into the subject but the unexpressed words or to say inexpressible word that revolves around us have taught us millions of values in the seconds they happened. No need to forget she taught us to walk, to run, to eat, to smile and so and so. One would have fought with her, got beatings from her but no one can say I hate her. Because she cares for you and teaches you love, something that e=mc2 cannot teach. She taught you with gentle moments; something no other teachers can do. Forget not that she taught you to ask sorry, I am sure, first for you; she taught you to become a gentle man/woman.

Across the time

Those days would have passed when she rushed for your aid whenever you cried at the dark or smiled at the snake. But these moments of teachings are to be never forgotten. She wanted you to become the best personality. Amidst her office works and kitchen works, she finds time for you. She teaches you simple aspects that build up the empire of life. We grew up, gambling with the grammars and firing up with physics. But, she was with you. No stress. No strain! Some kind of medicine she has?! To speak, to laugh… the gentle days are never to be forgotten. What she taught? She taught you the life, something that the lifetime experience cannot teach. May sound simple, because, she made it simpler.

Never forget

But, soon we are liable to forget her teachings. We are fed with time across which she took us and forgot what the life is meant for. I remember the time when she taught me to say Good Morning. But I never realised that it has a lively teaching behind it until this moment. We should hear to her words. I’m not saying about her advice, but there are more words she says that teaches more than anything.


I didn’t say much how she is a great teacher because the idea running in my mind was just the chalk and scale not the sweet voice calling your name. She taught me and I’ll live it. Give a page in your diary for your mother’s world. Then, the philosophy and science of world falls to the second and third place. As I said she teaches you the life. I confess that this essay misses the soul of all teachings my Mother.

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