Automatically Move your Gmail attachments to Google Drive and other cloud storage device

You might or might not be a busy person who deals with a lot of emails with attachments everyday but automatically moving your Gmail or outlook attachments to your Google Drive or Dropbox does save you a lot of time. The boring work of moving the attachment to your cloud storage is finally over with the release of this app named Kloudless for chrome.

With kloudless, you can send files of any size by attaching them from the cloud to a newly composed email and also move attachments you receive directly into your favorite cloud service. Instead of making another cloud storage device, kloudless makes one cloud storage play nicely with another. 

Right now Kloudless supports Gmail primarily, but there is Outlook support for those of you using Outlook at work (or at home). You’ll have to sign up for an invite to get the Outlook plug-in, but the Chrome extension is available now.

Hit this link below to grab it. | data via Lifehacker

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