Install Signal in Fedora 33


With the ongoing privacy issues being raised due to Whatsapp’s new policy updates, many people are trying to switch over to Signal. It is a secure encrypted messenger that has been endorsed by many people including Elon Musk. Hence, I was also one of the new flocks in Signal and soon discovered that it is not officially available for Fedora.

But, we have a copr repo built by Luminoso that has unofficial builds from the stable source releases. It currently supports Fedora 32, 33 and Rawhide along with CentOS 8 and OpenSuse Tumbleweed. You can install from that repo using the following codes

sudo dnf copr enable luminoso/Signal-Desktop
sudo dnf install signal-desktop

If you are worried about the security of this source[1], you can verify the spec file. The rpm files will be available at copr git dist. Let me know if there is any issue. I’ll try to help.

  1. Signal-desktop Copr 

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