Two ways to have instant multiple Email addresses (in a cool way!) for Gmail

During my recent voyage through the Reddit, I stumbled upon a useful fact about Gmail which actually let you have multiple emails for your single account. This is really helpful especially when one of your subscribing newsletter turns in to a spam. You just have to block the incoming for the email address you used for them!

Here they are!


Let’s say you register But then, you realize that you’d rather have a dot in your email (, or

You can add a dot anywhere in your Gmail address, or even multiple dots, and it will automatically be sent to your address.

You can give different emails to different people, and filter emails into separate folders based on which address they use.

You can easily separate emails from friends, co-workers, or family, keeping business and pleasure separate.

You can use this to register for multiple accounts on your favorite site. I’m sure there are many other clever uses, but I’ll leave it at those, so that I can reveal to you the second, unheralded hero of a feature.


Yes. Plusses (+). Plusses work like dots, in that they allow you to make unlimited shadow emails that all forward to your Gmail account. John, from the last example, can register for banks using, and Geeky’s digest using
You can give out different addresses to different contacts. You can add in slogans ( can, for example, use for your twitter account.

Source and Words: Geeky

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