Zoom in even closer in Google Maps - The Hidden Way

Google maps allows you to have a closer look at its mapped locations but it has also got a hidden feature which allows you to look much more closer than it is normally allowed. Here’s the way to do so.

  1. Open Google Maps and go to a location you want.
  2. Zoom in as much you can by clicking the “+” sign of the magnification slider in the left side of the map. But don’t zoom in all the way to street view (if the location has got one).
  3. Look at the top left side of the map where you have got a printer and chain link button. Click on the chain link button.
  4. It will provide you with an URL and an HTML embed code.
  5. Copy the URL and paste it in the address bar of your browser but DO NOT hit enter.
  6. Instead scroll all the way to the right end of the URL (you can use the END key).
  7. It should end with something like “&z=22”. Change the 22 to 23 ("&z=23") and hit enter. If Google Maps has imagery at that higher zoom level, it will show it to you.
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