Financius - The best expense manager for Android

There are so many apps Play Store to manage expenses but none of them has made me feel comfortable as this app. This app, Financius, has all you need - a smooth interface ( reminding me more about Google+), a neat and efficient way to manage your money, an app lock feature to secure your expense lists and finally all these features for free (with no ad!).

This app provides the account feature to manage money in different accounts. You can create transactions to add expenditures, income (both have their own categories and sub-categories from which you can choose or create more) or to transfer money from one account to another account. This way of representing the expenditure represents the way the real world functions. This makes managing money more easier.

The interface of this app this app is very smooth and follows the cards UI which Google and Windows has started to follow recently. This makes the app really easy and cool.

This app also has app lock feature to prevent others from accessing this app. It also has the feature to backup the data in Google Drive which makes it more reliable to use.

All these features of this is provided completely free without the ads.

With all these features, this app has all the rights to become the number one expense manager app in play store.

Here is their Google+ community and play store link.

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