Google glass is going to kill us!

If you started to laugh before you started to read this post, no offence is taken. Because, I too laughed when I read this article in TechRadar. Already, the tech-panic phenomena has started for Google glass.

Tech-panic has happened all over the history. Remember how people reacted when the electricity was invented? how they jumped away when they watched the first motion picture? The same fate is going to occur for Google glass too. Already, people started to speak how this HD projection could cause eye cancer but “Google glass going to kill us” is really funny and I dunno whether he meant for that too. He has added a video link and here is that.

But, let me say, don’t take the rumors too seriously. Until any such hazard is officially known(which has as much chance as apocalypse happening on February 30, 2014), just laugh off  at those rumors. And, I almost forgot, here is the link to that article.

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