Make web browsing faster by installing Google fonts

You might or might not have heard that Google has finally released the set of Web fonts it uses for the offline purposes. Although many people argued that these fonts are already available offline under different names, here is something they can’t argue about.

Installing Google Fonts and syncing the fonts might make your browsing experience faster. If you use the free tool SkyFonts as Google recommends, your fonts will be synced with Google’s directory. So you’ll always have the latest versions of the fonts, in case new characters are added.

Even if you don’t plan on using the fonts for your own projects, installing the fonts locally, Google says, will make browsing websites that use those fonts faster, since your browser won’t have to fetch the font data.

Download SkyFonts and Google Fonts via the link below. Once you’ve installed SkyFonts, browse the fonts collection on the website and select the ones you want to install. (Sorry but there’s no “select all” option.)

Sync Google Fonts to your desktop with Skyfonts | via Google Developers Blog and Lifehacker

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