Mark Zuckerberg quits his job at Facebook (All due to a bug)!

Facebook Bug◎ Mark Zuckerberg Left Job at Facebook

Well, if you are looking for an official announcement, check his facebook post itself.

Now, don’t worry. That facebook post itself is a misguide all due a bug in facebook. I’m sure Zuck isn’t planning to leave facebook anytime soon!

Well, this couldn’t be called a real bug as there is no technicality involved in this issue. However, an independent hacker Sachin Thakuri, outlining the same, has uncovered this flaw that is enough to fool people into believing some fake news.

Here’s the original URL of Mark Zuckerberg’s original life event.


If you see the URL carefully and remove the ustart=1 parameter, the work status of ustart=1 parameter. Take a look at the changed and misguiding Facebook post without  ustart=1parameter:


As I mentioned above, this isn’t a technical flaw, but this must be fixed as it could be easily used for notorious purposes. “…although on a client side the post is coming from a valid user and there is no way to figure out that the post has been manipulated and has not been posted by a user,” Sachin writes.
He has reported the bug to the Facebook security team, but Facebook hasn’t fixed this yet.

As long as it takes, we can have fun with this bug where you can surely fire your boss!

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