Micromax Vs Xolo - A Battle of Brands

Micromax and Xolo has evolved as the most prefered Indian brands. But, how can we choose when we are caught up between the two brands? I hope the following comparison helps you a bit!

1. User Interface:

โ—Ž Micromax's UI

โ—Ž Hive UI

It has been quite a victory for Xolo with its new interface, the Hive UI. Modifying the UI from the core- this is the first time for any Indian brand. It has got a loads of customizability and ‘Wow-Cool’ features like the Chameleon widgets which changes themselves based on the theme you set.

Though this Hive UI is not heavy like the Samsung’s Touchwiz, its not light as the Android’s stock interface.

On the other hand, the Micromax hasn’t altered the Vanilla Android interface much. This pulls me in the favor of Micromax as I am the kinda of person who do not prefer Cool-look taking over usability.

Winner: Micromax

2. Stability:

One bug in Micromax A116

Let’s take a look at how much stability both the phones offer.

When it comes to reports on crashing, both the brands have had some app specific crashes such as crashing of Flipboard app in Micromax Canvas HD and Google Maps in Xolo q1010i. As they were both app specific and had been rectified later, they are not taken for consideration. The fact that they both have been using not-much-modified vanilla Android acts as a saviour from OS crashing debacles I guess!

When we look at bugs side of stability, Xolo is the clear winner. When you look at the low-end phones, both of them didn’t care enough to beat all the bugs but as you raise up, Xolo has less number of bugs than Micromax. While we compare, Xolo is miles ahead of Micromax. Being late to the arena has its own blessings!!

Winner: Xolo

3. Bloatware:

Micromax with all its bloatware

We are gonna check which brand has the least number of bloatware preinstalled and for that we take Micromax Canvas Nitro and Xolo Hive into consideration.

In Micromax Canvas Nitro, other than the standard set of utility apps and Google apps, it is loaded with bookmyshow, Clean Master, Foneclay, Games Club, Getit, hike messenger, Kingsoft office, M! Doodle, M! Games, M!Live, M!Insurance, M!Security (Anti-Theft app powered by OneAssist), miUnlock and Truecaller. It also has SwiftKey keyboard pre-installed.It has trial versions of Grow Away, Hitout Heroes, Smash it! and Where is my Water?games. All these apps and games occupy about 350MB of internal storage and cannot be uninstalled.

When you look at Hive, it has 4 core apps Edge, Secure, Power and Connect. The Edge provides access to ringtones, wallpapers and themes โ€“ users can download, comment on it and even share it with their friends.The Secure app helps protect your smartphone, it comes with lot of options like locking the phone in case you misplace it, factory reset lock (only you can factory reset the phone),SIM change notification and a very interesting feature called secret picture โ€“ the phone will use the front camera and snap the image of the person when unlock attempts fails (you will get the image via email). You need to register 2 mobile numbers and your gmail id.The Power is the battery saving option, you can select from the available modes, that includes low battery mode.The Connect option is to collaborate, get software updates, connect with Hive team and service centres. In addition to these you get, FusionX - A media center, PhotoX- A platform for Mobile Photographers.

Though all these extras in Xolo are not necessary, they don’t scream “WE ARE BLOATING*evil face*!!” as Micromax does. So clearly,

Winner: Xolo

4. Updates:

An update in Xolo opus q1000

Both Micromax and Xolo doesn’t provide much any updates for their old devices. But, comparatively Xolo has got lesser devices to worry about than the Micromax and this gives Xolo more chance to update their phone. Not because it provides update for every phone but because it got less number of devices to worry about!

Winner: Xolo

5. Price:

We cannot determine the winner clearly in this region because both of the brands are the edge of the race of “Big specification at low price”. One month Xolo brings up a “Wow!” phone and next month Micromax brings up a “Wowwiee!!” phone at the same low price and this cycle continues. As of present, Xolo is at the lead with Omega series providing octo core processors at Rs.9000. As the master phone-the Micromax steered “Yureka” comes under ‘Yu’ branding, we can’t take it for comparison. So, Xolo is the winner here too!

Winner: Xolo

6. Customer Service:

Xolo is trying very hard to extent its Customer service. It has app such as “Connect” which allows you to connect with developers, put in some of your ideas and also provides you with good customer service. Though this ‘Connection’ plan do allow Xolo to be more useful in case of Minor queries, it is not that much ‘Connected’ in case of major problems. It do not have much Customer Service Centres as Micromax. It do provide a toll free number for queries though.

Micromax has been in this field long enough that it has established a large number of Service Centers connecting upto the smallest towns (mostly).

Winner: Micromax

7. Poll Results:

I think its not enough for me alone to express my opinions. So I conducted a poll in Google+ and obtained a result I favour of Micromax.

Winner: Micromax

8. Conclusion:

Micromax and Xolo have come up as the outstanding brands of Indian shore as they provide really great phones at the lowest possible price. But, both Xolo and Micromax has their own weakness. Xolo can’t get near Micromax in customer Service. It needs more popularity among people. Micromax has to really get rid of its bloatware. They do not make their customers feel frustrated with unusable and non-removable app. If they both can solve this, they can evolve as better brands than they are!

So, here in my comparison, Micromax wins 3 out of 7 categories while Xolo wins 4 out of 7 categories. Who is the winner then? Thats your job to decide! Please make use of the comments section.

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