Raspberry Pi 3 has been Launched: With Built-in wifi and bluetooth!

The Raspberry Pi foundation has launched the latest generation of its flagship credit card-sized computer as it announced sales have topped 8m, making it the UK’s all-time bestselling computer.

The Raspberry Pi 3, released on Monday, costs $35 (£25), the same as its predecessor (although still seven times more than the ultra-stripped-downRaspberry Pi Zero, which was launched as a free cover gift with a magazine). In its small-form factor is a 1.2GHz quad-core ARM processor (a boost from the Pi 2’s 900MHz), as well as integrated Wi-Fi and bluetooth, a first for the series.

The Raspberry Pi 3 features a new, faster processor, but more importantly, it finally comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the board. It’s still just $35.

The more powerful and well connected Pi 3 doubles down on the growth in IoT devices the Pi Zero was seeking to encourage — following on from the Pi 2, which was capable of running a version of Microsoft Windows that’s designed to support IoT apps (aka Windows 10 IoT; formerly called Windows Embedded).

At a launch event today the Foundation said it has worked closely with Microsoft to ensure full compatibility between the new Pi 3 board and Windows 10 IoT.

Here is a comparison of the Features of Raspberry Pi 3.

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