Three Giants and their Smartwatches

Now-a-days, the tech geeks are at their extreme geekiness as three giants - Apple, Samsung and Microsoft - jumps into the smartwatch industry all at once. So, what these smart watches will have? Will it create a competing market for the now-dull smartwatch industry? Let us see..


Above is the concept created by techies based on the recent patents acquired by Apple. Apple is reported to have over 75 patents on wearable technology. Some speculate that the iWatch will be a flexible glass “snap bracelet” and Corning is reported to have developed the flexible glass technology. The Apple iWatch could take “hands free” to a new level of convenience. The iWatch is assumed to be linked to an iPhone or an iPad with Bluetooth technology, enabling a user to be alerted to incoming calls, texts, emails and information…in a nonchalant, unobtrusive manner. A user could be alerted to important communication through vibration and casually check the screen, for example. But these are the features which were seen in already available smartwatches. But this is Apple we are talking about. So, we can expect something very simple but more productive than any other smartwatch.


Well.. The Apple-Samsung competition will be in this smart market too. Bloomberg confirmed in a recent report that Samsung is getting ready to enter the smart watch arena, and that the company is developing a wristwatch with functions similar to that of a mobile phone or a smartphone.
According to Bloomberg, Samsung has said “We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long. We are working very hard to get ready for it. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.”
Most of the bloggers expect the same features as expected in the iWatch but in this with the Android OS. But, what I think is that this watch will be shipping with Tizen OS. Because, Samsung is working on that for a long time too and this OS is less power consuming that Android. So, this can make Samsung smartwatch a better choice over other smartwatches.


I meant the Windows smartwatch only (name stolen from Xbox!). Like rivals in the market, Microsoft’s smartwatch would include a display that provides at-a-glance access to emails, texts, and social networking feeds, along with tying in to other functions in the smartphone including GPS. Also, Microsoft has employed former Xbox employees to create this smartwatch and so we can expect some Xboxy style in this watch (I meant the software side).

Though the smartwatch made its ground breaking appearance last year with Pebble, Sony, Nike releasing them, the race is going to start this year only. Of course there is another sci-fi tech coming out this year called Google glass, it is not as affordable as a SmartWatch. Who is going to be the king of this Smart Watch world? All we can do is to wait and “watch”.

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