Try Google’s Experimental New App Launcher

Google is currently testing a new interface for its search engine. Its planning to replace the top black bar with a simpler navigation menu which is compact and includes fewer services.

This new application launcher of google contains the popular google services like Google+, Gmail and so on as above and looks similar to the chrome app launcher. If you feel this new app launcher makes your browser more spacious, here is the way to add it to your browser.

Warning: Please note that the experiment is only available at and is only available for the english interface.


  1. Install the “Edit This Cookie” extension.
  2. Open in new tab.
  3. Click “Edit this Cookie” button from the chrome bar
  4. Find the “NID” item and select it.
  5. Replace the “value” text with NID cookie value (given below) and click “Submit Cookie changes”.
  6. Refresh Google’s homepage


  1. Install the “Cookie Manager+” and restart the browser.
  2. Open Google in a new tab.
  3. Click the Firefox menu, Select the Web Developer > Cookies Manager+
  4. Find the NID value for the, click it and select “Edit”
  5. Replace the content with the NID cookie value (given below) and click Save and then Close
  6. Refresh Google’s homepage.


  1. Open in a new tab
  2. Right-click the page and select “Edit site preferences”
  3. Go to the Cookies tab.
  4. Find the Cookies value that start with NID, select it and click Edit
  5. Replace the value text with NID cookie value (given below) and click Save and then OK
  6. Refresh the Google’s homepage.

NID cookie value:


You will now be using the new compact interface of

Data-source: Google System.

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