Ubuntu Touch becomes Usable at last

Its around time when many busy geeks around the world forgot about the ubuntu touch did canonical release the update which made the Ubuntu Touch usable at last. Ubuntu’s +Jono Bacon  published the summary of the updates made to the Ubuntu Touch OS. This update resurrects the hope that this OS will definitely bring some change and won’t die away. As per the latest updates,

  • The phone OS is reliable and doesn’t crash (Some problems with messaging menu yet… Sometimes, messages don’t show on it… And some crash sometimes with phone, which freezes… But everything else is working).
  • Making and receiving calls works great. The phone now switches the screen on and off when you get a call/SMS, it switches to the phone app when you get a call, and switches the screen on and off when on a call based upon the proximity of your ear to the screen.
  • Sending and receiving text messages works great.
  • The messaging menu works great. Missed calls and texts appear there and I can reply or call back directly from messaging menu. I can also view my SMSes in the conversations list in the phone app.
  • Connecting to wireless networks works well.
  • Mobile data has landed but currently needs manual configuration to be used. Read how to test this here. They will be working on automating this next.
  • Power management is much better; when the phone is not used for 30 secs the screen is automatically shut off.
  • The camera works great (with flash) and photos appear as expected in the gallery. There is a shortcut from the camera app to the gallery.
  • The browser works well, now has a progress bar and overlayed history based upon the URL entered.
  • Orientation support has been added to a number of apps (phone, gallery, notepad, browser etc) so when you turn the phone the UI adjusts.
  • You can now easily add an unknown number as a contact.
  • Most of the fake apps and contact data have been removed.

These updates are not huge but yet it is the best to have ever happened. Now the developers don’t need to flash their phone everytime with Android to make it usable (though they miss will GPS features in case of Ubuntu touch). As they said, the end of May is made into a milestone at Ubuntu History.

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