Which internet browser makes your battery last longer?

Internet Explorer. Yeah, you heard it right. In the recent tests run by the 7tutorials, the recent version of internet explorer has outscored other browsers by even hours.

For the testing procedure, he took three devices, both old and new.

  •  A brand new Toshiba Encore 8" tablet
  • A brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 2
  • An old HP Pavilion dv 7

And he installed the latest version of all the major browsers: Internet Explorer 11(both touch and desktop versions), Firefox 26, Chrome 32 and Opera 18. Windows 8.1 was installed on all test devices, it was up-to-date and all the browsers had no add-ons or toolbars installed.

While IE 11 touch topped the test in Toshiba tablet giving an astonishing time of 8 hours and 52 minutes (firefox and chrome gave only around 6 hours and 30 minutes), IE 11 desktop  topped the list in other two.
Opera 18 had given the worst battery life in all these devices.

All these devices had Windows 8.1 installed. So, if you want a little longer browsing experience in your windows device, opt for Internet Explorer 11.

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