There was this little town
Where no one ever dreamt
For they had a night too dark
That snuffed out everything.

After years of despair
As the darkness reigned
There bloomed a lone red rose
In the nowhere’s middle.

With the drifting wind
As her only aide
She sent her sweet scent
To every soul she could find.

Through door creases
And tiny cracks in roofs
She seeded dreams
That only dreamers knew.

Next day, when they woke up
They smiled anew.
As they now had an elixir
That kept their heart kindled.

Yet they had this feeling
That they’re missing someone.
What’s sinister this time is
It’s someone they never knew.

They wished to look for her
But couldn’t.
Coz, they had nothing to describe her
Except the love that remains.

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