Book Review - The Book Thief

“It’s not the end that matters but the journey it takes”. This statement has never been truer than in the book “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. Because, when death starts telling the story, it begins from where it all ends. And, yes, it’s narrated by none other than death; that dark figure with black hood and a scythe (though (s)he claims (s)he never carries a scythe).

Book Review - The Midnight Library

Going by the popularity, I picked the book “Midnight Library” by Matt Haig to be my next read. But it wasn’t before long that I realised that this is not the kind of book I am into. I haven’t read “The Alchemist” or “The monk who sold his Ferrari”.

Gauss Elimination in Fortran

Gauss Elimination is a well known method for solving system of linear equations. It has time complexity of order $O(n^3)$ and hence, it fares better than cramer’s rule or Gauss-Jordan method. The following is my implementation of Gauss elimination method in fortran. I’ve made use of scaled pivoting in order to reduce round-off errors.