How to Install and Open WPS Office in KDE Neon?

WPS Office is a popular MS Office clone for Linux and they provide better support for MS Office files than Libre Office or any other Office in Linux (as far as I know). But, WPS Office doesn’t work well with Neon’s KDE environment and fails to launch. So, I will explain the steps to install and setup WPS Office successfully in Neon.

  • Download the latest WPS Office from here.
  • Open the Downloads folder in Dolphin file manager and right click on the Debian package.
  • Select Open With –> QApt Package Installer. It is available in every KDE Neon installation.
  • Select Install and input your Password when requested.
  • Close it once the installation is over.
  • sudo dpkg –configure -a

Now, after installing, you may not be able to launch it when opening a document opening a document or in Applications menu. This is because of incompatibility with KDE. We have to make it fallback to GTK for it to work. Now follow these steps.

  • Right click the Application Launcher and select “Edit Applications”.
  • Select Submenu WPS Writer under Office.
  • In the General tab, replace /usr/bin/wps %f with  /usr/bin/wps %f_  -style gtk_.
  • Similarly, add -style gtk to the existing commands for WPS Presentation and Spreadsheets.
  • Finally, click Save and close the Menu Editor.

Now, if you open WPS Office from Application Menu, it will launch successfully. **However, if you try to open documents from Dolphin, the Ark archive tool will open. For that problem, follow this work around. **

Microsoft Documents opens via Ark in KDE Neon (with Solution)

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