An arrow silhouetted by the sun
An effort watched by eagerful eyes
As the fish darts towards the glass wall
With so much love for the world afar.
The warped view bends the truth
Which the arrow never knew.
Eagerful eyes stay eagerful for now
As fish falls back for another chance.

The rise of arrow comes to end.
Earth stays still.
This time the wall will be shattered by fish
And the sizzled pieces will pave way
Warped eyes will see more then.
The arrow will find its mark.
All these moments stay aflame
while the arrow and the fish take the aim.

Through the prey, to the earth
The arrow kisses gravity.
A thunk against the solid wall
The warped meets the eagerful.
The swoosh becomes the infinite clinks.
The arrow with duty done awaits the master.
With Eagerful eyes watching beyond
With air of freedom strangling around.

The hunter comes for the prey
The arrow awaits a new job in home
A eagerful hand finds the fish
And thuds against the neighboring glass
Unbroken among the broke.

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