An Alarm that doesn’t Wakē Up anyone except You!


Parametric Speaker

It would have been a nightmare for you waking up early in the morning to your partners/(mostly) parents alarm that desires you rip your head off. Or you may have felt sorry for waking up your tired partner early for your chores. Thats when you yearn for some smart alarm that has its own brain and wakes you alone. Well, thats exactly what the Lucera Labs has created with their new Alarm, “Wakē”!

Wakē is the new Robot/Alarm that redefines how you start your day. This new alarm uses a parametric speaker that can wake a person lying in bed, while someone laying nearby keeps sleeping. But thats not it! Here is the complete List of all the features.

1. It Finds You:

Wakē mounts to the wall behind your head such that it is above you. Then, Wakē finds you. It has a body heat sensor(IR) that is accurate and, at the same time, does not disturb your privacy.

Even if you are lying closely with your partner, Wakē sees a very accurate temperature graph and can pinpoint where you are.

Wakē knows each user by the side of the bed they sleep on, so your partner can also wake up to Wakē when ready.

2. Wakēs You Naturally:

Dawn Simulation

Wakē uses a warm white LED that illuminates slowly, simulating a sunrise and helping you wake up naturally. Research suggests “dawn simulators”, as seen in Wakē, reduce morning grogginess and help people cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Also, just like the sound, it is focused. So, No Worries!

3. Brain and Connectivity:

Wakē has the Spark to run as you want it. Well, spark is the CPU which has ability to stay super powerful, yet uses very little electricity. Over-the-air upgrades mean Wakē always has the latest features. The specs of Spark are

  • STM32F205 ARM Cortex M3 at 120Mhz
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Networking
  • 128KB Memory, 1MB Flash

 Also, it can be accessed through your smartphone with its own Wakē App. This app has a variety of features and helps you set up Wakē easily. Touching your smartphone acts as a snooze bar, and simply getting out of bed will turn Wakē off.

Numerous applications exist to expand Wakē ’s capabilities

  • Wakē knows when you’re up and moving and can cue home automation functions such as temperature and lighting control, starting your car, etc.
  • Baby monitoring apps that wake up only one parent for late-night feedings.
  • Private phone/text apps that alert only one person.
  • Reading light apps that use Wakē ’s LED. 

Source: Lucera Labs

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