Turn Any Watch into a Smartwatch!

Are you among the crowd that just won’t buy smartwatch because you just lovvvvvve your current Watch. Or to simply put it, Apple Watch is a great pocket emptifier! Either way, the easiest looking solution is, ah, just turn your watch into a smart watch.
Yep, that did happen too!

Chronos is a startup that has developed a little “smart-disk” that can ensmarten your precious dumb Watch. Chronos is a little disk that fits on the bottom of your fancy watch with “micro-suction” offering you to interact in basic ways and alerts as vibrations against your skin, or see them as colored lights shining out from the edges of your watch. It aims more at the fitness arena with Movement tracking(hence the name Chronos fitness!) along with Mobile app that makes your detailed health and wellness data meaningful. You can even tap your watch face to activate the device, allowing you to silence incoming calls or control music playback. The Chronos is supremely limited in its interface options makes it extremely compelling for folks who want to wear nice watches and not get bogged down by notifications. This Device might have a better battery life than a normal smart watch due to reduced power usage but don’t expect it to just fit into everything. Pekla Terry of IEEE Spectrum says, “It didn’t fit mine, but I do wear a very tiny watch”.

Besides making this add-on disk, the company is also looking to provide watch manufacturers with their technology to build directly into the backs of watches, or to offer as a snap in replacement for a traditional watch back. Nichol says leading watch manufacturers have already expressed interest in that approach.

The CTO for the project, Luke Fromowitz, worked with Samsung Electronics’ Product Innovation Team and they completed a run with Highway 1 to help build out the company. They’ve launched a sign-up page so far and there is no pricing. But, this is a technology to always look upto as it sounds simple and better than a “staggering” smartwatch! As the Company puts it, “The best wearable is the one you already wear!”.

Here’s the link to their website. You can track this device over there by submitting your email address.
Sources: Techcrunch, IEEE Spectrum

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