Apple - Not the innovator anymore?

Apple has so long been the innovator of computer technology. Though Samsung galaxy s4 offers a wide array of features hot from the “science-fiction” stories, these were not innovative. I expected apple to stun me creating a whole new world of technology. But, it seems, they are just gonna follow the Samsung’s “update-the-technology-behavior” rather than innovating the technology(I’m not saying Samsung is not being innovative at all. I still prefer Samsung to Apple. So don’t take this as Hate Samsung post). Why am I saying so? Here are the recent moves of apple which seems to confirm this.

Apple iPhone 5:

I don’t know who gave them that idea. While apple geeks kept asking for a little broader phone so that their fingers won’t go into funny positions while typing, what they gave out is a little longer phone which made typing look like finger-fighting. They really gotta understand that innovation is not being different but being different in a useful way.

Apple Maps:

It was a big relief for the Apple users when Google finally released their Google Maps for the iPhone. Trying to create a Apple branded Maps, they just created a complete fiasco. Many will be happy that they didn’t place Empire states building over the Himalayas.


While the iPen is not yet out, the recent patents of Apple reveals that they a developing a pen like device for their touch devices. Looks like a news you heard somewhere? Yes. This iPen is nothing but the Apple’s follow up of Samsung’s sPen. Even if Apple develops an ultra sensitive touch pens, it won’t be an innovation but an updated version of sPen.


Looking at the above picture itself, you can say which the most useful of these too. I don’t know about you but I won’t like to press “Search the web” every time I ask for something. This is a perfect example how Apple is now over run by others in the smartphone market.

As I had already said, other companies may give us many stunning features but none of them are innovative but a better version of the innovations once given by Apple. But now, Apple has finally stopped being an innovator in the industry and so its now over run by those who were its followers. Anyway, as the iPhone 5S(or iPhone 6) is on its way, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for something which is really better.

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