No more Passwords - Just Passthoughts

Are you frustrated with remembering a load of passwords. Its time for you to sigh in relief. You are going to be spared from typing all those passwords. Instead you are going to use some random thoughts of yours, thanks to the researchers at the UC Berkeley School of Information.

The device:

The researchers used a Neurosky Mindset device which can be bought for $100 and can be wirelessly connected with your computer(or Mobile devices) via bluetooth. It looks like any normal headphone with an additional sensor device resting on your forehead. This sensor reads the wave from your brain(electroencephalogram signals) which depends on your thoughts. These signals acts as the password.


However great the safety may be, people won’t buy this one if they think it will be hard on them, exercising their brain to concentrate too much. But the researchers found that simple thoughts that we do on daily basis are the best choice. For example, imagining your favourite song is safer than imagining that you are flying because, however hard you may try, you won’t be able to recreate the same thought of flying again which results in your system being inaccessible again. But remembering your favourite song is simple.


This system of passthoughts are safer than passwords. Because, even if people know what your passthought is, they won’t be able to passthrough it. Because, brainwaves are unique to each person and so, however hard may others try, they can’t access your data.

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