Rockstar Games releases next three trailers for GTA V

Rockstar Games has released the next three trailers for its upcoming game GTA V. Each trailer is dedicated to each of the three protagonists. The trailer shows how each of the protagonists are dragged into the criminal life in the big city of Los Santos.

The trailer above shows about the protagonists Michael being dragged into the city life by his family problems. He is not a good father or a husband and have a bad control over his temper. This man can be expected for all those big missions which needs a good use of brain.

The trailer above shows how Franklin, the next protagonist enters the bigger life of city for all his gang-banging things. Many GTA lovers feels that he is just like CJ, the protagonist of GTA San Andreas.

The above video shows the coolest character of GTA V, Trevor. This man cares about nothing and just build relationship of.. fight. Being a good pilot too, he can be expected for all those flying missions of GTA V.

Though this game is first GTA to be not released for PC, these trailers shows that its GTA’s time to move to a bigger things. This game will be among the first games being released for PS4.

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