Thy Name Is Flower

Gentle you are, clearing the glooms off life;
Ye are the gentle.
Glory you are, making smile in frowns;
Ye are the glory.
Prop you are, possessing my world;
Ye are the prop.

Thou caress my heart more than any soul;
Ye are the care.
Thee stash my feel beneath thy bosom;
Ye are the feel.
Thee form love inside the void;
Ye are the love.

Thy petals are wings that carry the heart;
Ye are the heart.
Thy dew is the bathe that instills the pure;
Ye are the pure.

Thy stalk teaches me brave of the bold;
Ye are the bold.
Thy fragrance is soft even than the air;
Ye are the soft.
Thy virtuous nectar is the spring of life;
Ye are the life.
Thy white wet my heart with snow;
Ye are the snow.

Thou are the grace adorning the Lord.
Thy name is Jasmine, the flower.

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