The immutable Joy

We stood at the window, gazing on a slender, red streak over the eastern rim of the earth. A cool breeze lapped our faces. The boundaries of our personalties suddenly dissolved. It was a moment of rare, immutable joy–a moment for which one feels grateful to Life and Death.

-  R K Narayan in his novel “The English Teacher”

Feeling grateful to Life and Death.. It just happens in the fantasy of R K Narayan. In this real world, no one including me feels grateful to Death. We all express our gratefulness to Life. We enjoy every part of it. Whatever may it contain - Joy, Sorrow, pain, anger - we decide life should go on and get busy living. But death.. It remains a mystery. We don’t know where it starts nor where it ends..  not even whether it has an end. Nobody has returned like Susila came for the English Teacher. Not many believe that it is just another world. And no one knows that love is powerful enough to connect both. Finally you would have decided that this is a post about death. No. This is a post about belief. The only thing in the world that has made all things as it is.

I do not believe in God. I believe in the belief people have on him.

- Anonymous

May be I should write for some 5000 words. You have got a strong finger to scroll down. But will it make a difference? So, I am gonna make it as short as possible.

Belief is a basic feeling. It is a part of every other feeling - Joy, sorrow, pain, anger. You have the belief for some of these feelings and may not have belief for some. But, only a true strong belief can provide an immutable Joy. Only a true belief can make the death look as a warm embrace. Belief, if strong enough, can make things as you want it to be. May be you are having some painful memories. But the belief that they taught you the best lesson can make a lot of difference. It would even make a little joy blossom inside and a tiny smile spread outside. To reach the immutable Joy, just believe in it.

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