Why it is special?

You must have wondered at sometime of your life why this moment is different from other.. Why this moment is so special..
You might already know the answer but would not given it to yourself afraid that it will take the magic away from the moments.. But it actually won’t take the magic away. But it would make you feel magical as it is. And it is simple. Here is the an excerpt showing the answer.

‘There are so many trees in the forest,’ said Rakesh. ‘What’s so special about this tree? Why do we like it so much?’

‘We planted it ourselves,’ said Grandfather. ‘That’s why it’s special.’

- Ruskin Bond (in his short story “The Cherry Tree”)

I am not going to say more about it as the answer is quite clear. But when this very thought rose in my mind, so did this doubt. What about Love? The thing that happens on the first sight? I didn’t plant it. And it is the truth too. I never planted it. It is quite an exceptional magic.. the most special of all. But does this Specialness remain for long. How many of this magic has ended in divorce. But, this love, planted by the unknown who can even be the so called God, should be watered by us. It should be nurtured by us.

And this is the secret.. Planting, nurturing and caring. I am not a philosopher but I guess these made best moments of life remain as best moments through out my life..

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