Pleasure of Travelling

Pleasure of travelling. Mm… something nobody can deny with the reasons like vomit, and other kinds of allergies. From the childhood it had been a pleasure. But other people are moving?! We started to crawl. Other people never use their knee to move! We started to walk. It is the pleasure we experienced while running around… a change in the surroundings. The people laughed and smiled at you. They enjoyed watching your new exercise. Something new he/she had learned! That day, when we stumbled to crawl, the pleasure of travelling began. “The pleasure of travelling”… sounds as beautiful as the dew on a new bloomed flower. Let us enjoy it.

Travelling as the day passes

From home to school and at evening, from school back to home - this is my normal day; much filled with travelling. How much I learn whenever I pedal the cycle! The long shrill cry of the morning vendor and the nice sweet chirps of the wood-bound birds… may be Wordsworth been a vagabond! Nobody can say that they hate travelling with a true heart because all humans like learning from surroundings than from printed papers. There had been days, when I felt like collapsing at the heat of 3:00PM sun but never had I enjoyed the beauty of shadow walking in front of me. My sweat fell on the ground and vanished in seconds. That time, the thought is “Marvelous”.

The rare days of travelling

I felt like shivering in the cool breeze from the falls though I’m just sitting in front of the television watching it. The woman is just explaining about her travel throughout the show. When can I travel like this?! I never enjoyed the view of the falls as much as enjoyed the solitary bench for the travelers near the narrow path among the fresh grasses and the few yellow blooms. Only green and yellows and blue are not something that are always enjoyed and said pleasurable. I always enjoy riding my cycle to the hill near my house and around that area which looked more like a desert. I still cherish the memories when I and my friend escaped narrowly from the python there and the memories when a small blue-green snake crawled over my leg. It is a place which created the bond between me and faunas. These memories… a pleasurable gift of travelling.


The pleasure of travelling… the heart travels like the cool river spring as my pen travels over this white paper. Because travelling is pleasurable. Even when you see the pictures depicting the evolution of man, it looks like a man taking a sprint. A short and smart way to explain – man evolved as he travelled. The gentle breeze tells me the rain is coming and my cycle is waiting for me. I have just three words left – Travel is pleasurable.

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