Raspberry Pi - One year of Wonder!!

When the people around the world has moved on to the smartphone era, who thought they would care about  the old dreams of having a computer in the pocket when we have something better than that? But dreams never die. Its been more than a year since the Raspberry Pi fulfilled that dream and created new dreams for the techies who thought that sci-fi needs a big budget. So, its time to remember the most wonderful things people had accomplished with this techy.

Raspberry Pi:

First of all, if you didn’t know what this dish-named gadget is, its nothing but a computer. Its a computer with an ARM CPU(700MHz), 512MB of RAM, usb ports to connect with keyboard and mouse, audio and video outputs(To view complete specification of Raspberry Pi, click here.) and runs Linux based operating systems(the list of operating systems are given in the previous link). All this is available with a cheap cost of $35. You  can know more about them in their webpage.

Raspberry live - From the sky:

Dave Akerman’s hobby was HABing i.e., High Altitude Ballooning. He would fill up the standard weather balloon and let them carry some tracking devices, sensors and sometimes, video camera to the ‘near-space’ height of 30 kms or so. But, alas, he could retrieve the video only after it comes down. But, using this mini computer, he was able to get videos live from the sky!

Voice Command your Home:

This is one of the coolest thing you can do with raspberry pi. You can make you home voice commanded with the less expense of cost. For example, this guy(who calls himself the “dark therapy”) made the siri’s voice recognition feature to open the garage for him. 

The Raspberry Supercomputer:

Inspired by the low-cost computing power of the Raspberry Pi, a team at the University of Southampton has used the ARM-based Linux computer-on-a-board as a building block for a low-cost supercomputer—racked and stacked using Lego blocks. And they’ve published a step-by-step guide for anyone interested in creating their own Raspberry Pi high-performance computing “bramble."

Raspberry Glasses:

While Google glasses are trying to port the computer to your glasses, this guy, Zack Freedman, tried to accomplish the same thing with the least possible cost. So, he ended up using the Raspberry Pi. Though this is not as hip as Google glasses, this one is able to port your computer to your face.

Teaching in Rural Areas:

If there is a must-mention thing about Raspberry Pi, this is it. Raspberry Pi computers are used to teach kids in the rural area of Cameroon, the kids for whom the gadgets we use are the gadgets they dream. All of the systems run on the Raspbian image from December, with LibreOffice and CUPS installed. The Pis are currently used to teach the children the basics of working with an Office suite. Raspberry Pi can be used to teach the poor kids around the world to know the basics of computer with the least possible expense.

Guys around the world has accomplished much more than this. Raspberry Pi is the now the best source for the geeks to accomplish great things with least budget.

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