Google Ara - The Android of Hardware

Google never fails to amaze us. If it was Google glass last year, it is Project Ara this year. Ara is the innovative smartphone which you can build as you wish. It has interchangeable modules which includes first- and third-party components like sensors, cameras, radio antennas and more which can be connected together to create a smartphone.

Its no wonder techies call it “The Android of hardware” as it is the first and most customizable phone to ever occur in the world of gadgets. It consists of tile shaped modules( the screen, the cameras, the battery, stuff nobody has invented yet!) which you slip into a framework called an “Endo” to build a phone with the features of your choice.

Though it is the geekiest news of the year (so far), it is not exactly aimed for folks who couldn’t afford for a smartphone. It is to be marketed at the developing nations first where the cheapest phone will be for around $50 which the users can upgrade as per their wish.

When we build castle of cards, the biggest fear is when they will fall apart. Don’t worry. Its not the scenario here. The modules will use capacitive technology for electrical connections, and will lock in place using super-strong magnets (for modules on the back) and latches (for ones on the front). Google says an Ara phone should be as sturdy as a typical smartphone.

With 3D printed parts, it is a little bulky at around 9.7mm but not THAT much. As of now, it is only 0.3mm than the HTC ONE M8 and might get slimmer in the future. Though it doesn’t feel premium, it doesn’t lack aesthetically.

With thisssss much innovations in it, its going to take the biggest battle of all time. It has to gain a lot of developers who are willing to make hardware for this device (only the “Endo” will be a Google product. Rest is upto the developers).

 And as it is going to start with developing countries, it has to deal with the we-don’t-care-about-innovation attitude which is prevalent over there. If it can kick off and colorize enough people around the world over its release on January 2015(as aimed), it will be the future of smartphone until…. Whatever it may be!

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