Try Google Now-Style Homepage for Chrome

Have you ever wished that for your chrome homepage to be more productive than just being a clipboard for your recently visited websites? Did you ever thought about having those compact features of Google Now in your desktop. Because, your wishes are now being fulfilled now. The chrome extension New Tab Page brings the cool features of Google Now to your browser.

This extension brings the look and feel of Google Now browser. You will see weather, News cards as well as the frequently visited sites.

Click here to go to the New Tab Page extension in Chrome Web Store.

Additionally, the familiar Google Now bar includes a box for search as well as a button to use voice commands. This isn’t a new feature, by any means, but it’s very handy to have on the new tab page. Curiously, at the moment all voice searches get an extra ‘h’ attached to the beginning, but hopefully this can be fixed in an update. Some more customization options would be nice, too. Still, the extension is useful as is, and not bad looking either.

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