Which the best operating system?

You might be thinking of buying a new computer or thinking of installing a new OS. Here is my thoughts on the various operating systems available and their area of excellence which, I believe, will help you choose the right one.

First, let me give my preference order:


  1. Mac OS X
  2. Windows 7
  3. Windows 8
  4. Ubuntu
  5. Linux Mint


  1. Android 4.1 Jelly bean
  2. iOS 5
  3. Windows phone

You can see the reasons for my preference below:



Mac OS X:

Though this OS is not available for non-Mac devices, it is the best operating system today. It is completely dependable, with the new version Mac OS X 10.8(Mountain Lion) providing us with cool and reliable features. It is also less prone to virus attack given it’s UNIX base and Apple’s own works to keep the trojans at the bay. For a home user, Mac OS X is the best choice.


iOS 6:

While iOS 5 was good, giving us nice features, iOS 6 is not. While it might have cleared some problems, it created many more problems which over-shadows the previous ones. By present situation, don’t go for iOS at all.



Windows 7:

Microsoft, after the complete blunder of windows vista, created this new OS which now stands the second best operating system for desktop after Mac OS X though it is in no way less user friendly than Mac. It has also got the biggest pool of softwares available. But, as windows had been the popular OS for a very long time, it has also got the biggest pool of viruses. Despite it giving a good protection over viruses, the protection won’t be complete without an antivirus software. However, for the home users, this one is recommended by me.

Windows 8:

I think Windows 8 is the best operating system available today but I would never recommend it. Though it feels complete in a way that made iOS look out of date, it is future in development. You may use this OS if you want a complete alien feel or if want to get used to the new windows era but to feel at home, go for Windows 7.


Windows phone 8:

While the metro interface of windows looked weird on desktop, it feels completely at home on your tablet. Once you began to use it, you will see it is better than iOS or even Android. The only problem you got is the lack of apps available and that problem pushes this one down to the third place.




I must say this one is the best free desktop operating system available. But, like Windows, this one is also in the evolution of a new interface called “Unity” and so people began to move away from it. I prefer this one and use this as my primary OS. But, if you think cost is not a problem, then go for anything among the first two in the list. You can also dual boot this OS along with them and this one gotta nice and easy way for it. If you decide to check this one, here the link for their website.

Linux Mint:

This brother of Ubuntu is now the favorite operating system of many previous Ubuntu users who switched to this one when Ubuntu moved to its all new shiny Unity interface. This operating system has its own features along with the features of Ubuntu but you won’t find much web integration in your daily life. It won’t make much difference anyway.


Android Jelly Bean:

This one operating system has got nearly all of it -Wonderful architecture, nice integration with Google and all its features, open source(having linux core)- except one: the battery management of iOS. This one, being a JAVA based architecture, need more power to run. But, if you are going for the latest high-end phones, it won’t make any difference. For your mobile, it is the best and go for it.

Upcoming OS:

We have got a big amount of Linux based mobile operating systems coming out this year. If you wanna know about them, click here.

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